Newprep(Skin Prep Gel)

INTRODUCTION: Newprep is an abrasive, cleansing gel which removes dead cells from skin. It is normally used before using TESON or Frivar Konesh EEG Gel.

APPLICATION: Place the amount of gel needed on a surface such as a gauze pad. For non-disposable electrodes, gently abrade the skin by placing a small amount of Newprep onto a cotton swab and then lightly rub onto skin with 4 or 5 small circular motions; remove any excess gel and then apply electrodes to the prepared sites. For cardiac electrodes, gently abrade the skin by placing a small amount of Newprep onto a gauze pad and then lightly rub onto the skin with 4 or 5 circular motions; remove all Newprep from electrode sites using a dry gauze pad prior to applying electrodes. With neonates and geriatric patients, use much less pressure than with adults.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: For use when a lower skin impedance would enhance test results, e.g.: EEG exams, evoked potential procedures, ECG stress tests, cardiac rehabilitation monitoring, and cardiac catheter monitoring exam procedures

CAUTION: Avoid eye contact. If product is introduced in the eye, rinse with warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid rubbing the eyes.Use topically on intact skin only. Do not use on or near open wounds or compromised skin.Use additional caution on patients with a history of skin allergies or sensitivity to cosmetics and lotions. If rash, redness, itch, swelling, or abnormality appears on skin, wash off immediately. Do not use with current-inducing electrodes.Do not over-abrade; topical abrasion with permanent scarring can occur.Newprep gel contains insoluble materials that may shadow or interfere with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination. Prior to an MRI exam, ensure all materials used in the neurodiagnostic examination are cleaned from the electrode sites.